A Yellow Show On The Go

A Yellow Show On The Go

Taking this show “on the road,” http://avx69.com/tag/sex-without-fuck has a couple of girls needing to make a pit-stop. As you can see from the first girl, there’s no time to pull over; it goes from bladder to bag hastily. While she pulls down her panties and “recycles” a plastic sack, with a few dribbles, the driver finally pulls over to make a deposit.

The second gal gets in for a ride, but has to “go” in another way. Not able to stop, she tries to sit in different positions, but there’s no preventing the stream. Grabbing a cup, she puts it between her legs and fills it to the brim. Proving, like coffee, it’s “good to the last drop;” she tops it off and puts the lid on tight, keeping it nice and fresh.