1, 2, 3, We Have To Wee

01, 2, 3, We Have To Wee

Some say it’s a gift being able to find these girls who have to go; I really just “follow the scent.” Watching these girls “squirm” about town, I pick up on their trail and film. The best part is when they leave a “trail” of their own for http://avx69.com/tag/toilet. The first girl tries a couple of times to get relief, but she keeps getting interrupted. Finally, all clear, she pulls down her peach panties, spreads her legs and let’s go; nice “puddle.”

The second girl’s in the park, squatting behind a bench when some guy stops her “mid-stream.” Off to find a quieter spot, she heads into the woods, pees and leaves her white lace panties behind. The third girl I “smell,” cops a squat on her way to work, until she is caught. Moving to another area, she lets go of some serious “water.” Checking her “work,” she did leave her mark.