A Steamy Mess

A Steamy Mess

After some steamy mess, http://avx69.com/tag/toilet follows a gal who looks like she’s gonna “drop trou” any minute. Sure enough, beside a stairwell, she lets it flow until some asshole comes to bitch. She stands, but keeps on going, right through her panties. She wipes and dries best she can. Checking out her puddle, I get the sweet smell of piss that has been “strained.” The next girl is a real babe. She’s in a busy street and runs through the crowd to hit up a nearby park. Some old guy stops her and points to her “wet patch.” She waits until he passes, then she does more “passing” of her own. Damn, I can write my name in her “litter.

The third girl is all about her phone until “Mr. Tinkle” comes calling. Looking around for the best place, this harbor area’s gonna see a rise in the “water table.” Perched on some stairs, she is interrupted, but just for a moment. When she bends down again, its “full stream ahead.” Look, you can see the reflection of the trees in this pool of “natural water.”