Two Birds In Their Bush

Two Birds In Their Bush

Offering a couple of hotties a good time, we give them a camera and ask them to film themselves masturbating, for The first girl’s at home, in her favorite chair. As she strips down, she turns around and presents her very tight ass, nice. Working on her nipple, she massages them as a whole, before rolling her nipples between her fingers. Into electronics, she then gets out a vibrator to “tickle her fancy.” Touching herself with the toy, she taps her clit and gets immediate satisfaction. “Round-and-round she goes,” until she kicks her heels up and wets her panties, a couple of times.

The second gal is an office worker taking a few minutes the “recharge” in the restroom. Luckily she’s got everything she needs with her to show us a good time. Starting with nipples, the woman tweaks them until they’re hard. Putting her hand down her hose, she reaches inside her panties and “gets physical.’ Needing more room to maneuver, she takes off her stockings and gives us a “back door” view of her toil. Our gal then takes off her panties and “churns the butter.” Taking care of her beaver, she gasps and whimpers with both nipples out and hard. “Lost in the bush,” our worker finishes her task at hand.