Japanese Girl Master Tempts her Slave

Japanese Girl Master Tempts her Slave

Tit for tat, Mao Misaki #1 is willing to share herself, but only after her boy toy proves he’s worthy. Inspecting and tasting what he has to offer, she is impressed but wants to see more first. Checking for total obedience, Mao lets him watch as she touches herself. She then allows him a sniff of her moist panties. Breathing in her essence, this boy, is allowed a lick. Demonstrating his worth, he stands and is pleasured orally. Taking in all of his shaft, Mao then undresses seductively for him and comes closer.

Lying him down on a mat, Mao fondles and licks her toy. She then takes him inside of her and begins to ride up and down. As her heels dig into his thighs, the camera captures the “deep” bond between them. Mao’s moans intensify as he begins to pant. She slaps her legs up against his groin and then reverses her position. Seeing her nipples enlarge and her wet lips swell, she grinds on her partner happily. Feeling her climax, the boy then takes over and lays her on her back. Mao continues to orgasms and gasp. Within a few minutes, he too is close. As she arches her back and whimpers, he pulls out and “unleashes” himself. The look she gives the camera signifies this was no “toy;” she’s had a blast.