Japanese Jugs Chihiro Aso

Japanese Jugs Chihiro Aso

Looks like Chihiro has a pink top on this time with her hair in pigtails and yellow hat. The perfect image of a virgin. She’s joined by our interviewer and they exchange some laughs and giggles. We see that he still can’t resist playing with Chihiro’s jugs :)

He slips off her top exposing those lovely melons and starts jiggling them up and down and playing with her nipples. Chihiro certainly has no objections as we hear her start to pant in pleasure. Uh oh… what’s this? Kissing? hmm… me think Mr Interviewer want to do more than play with Chihiro’s jugs this time! Watch as he rubs her pussy from behind with one hand while squeezing and playing with her jugs getting her warmed up to the idea… idea of what, we’ll have to wait and see.

Now bent over on the bed, he spreads her lips (and not the the ones on her face) exposing a beautiful pink moist hole before doing a little “muff diving.” Chihiro is headed for her happy place in this scene and reaches down to play with her clit to help things along as our stud fingers her pussy and squeezes her nipples.

Chihiro wants to do a little exploring of her own now and disrobes our stud. We get a great shot of Chihiro sucking cock and her firm jugs looking quite “perky.” After a little “cock to nipple” play, the two get into a “69” and Mr Stud eats her pussy while Chihiro puts his cock between her jugs for a little “titty fucking.”

From one position to the next, they get their groove on and we’ve got some great fucking action going on. I can’t keep my eyes off Chihiro’s jugs as they jump up and down, bounce side to side as they fuck like there’s no tomorrow. I couldn’t keep up with how many times Chihiro orgasms, but ya gotta love her squeaking!