Japanese Wife Yuriko Kobayahi

Japanese Wife Yuriko Kobayahi

We’re back with Yuriko Kobayahi in our 3rd segment. We open with Yuriko in wrist bracelets and her fish net body suit. She strips down and draws a tub of water and joined by our cameraman (lucky guy.)

He stands Yuriko up and starts to play with her bum hole and gets us thinking he wants to “open” the backdoor. Yuriko’s nipples are hard as she sits up on the edge of the tub, so maybe she likes a little backdoor action :)

Don’t take your eyes off the screen because she’s already out of the gate and off to the races (without her jockey)… already playing with her clit, she orgasm’s, once, then twice and we’re only 1/5 through this scene!

Taking a break, she obliges the cameraman by giving him a blowjob. He obliges Yuriko by doing a little face fucking and blows a load in her mouth. Now it’s Yuriko’s turn and our cameraman is more than happy to eat her pussy and bring her to another orgasm and another. At this point, a little rim job for the cameraman to show her appreciation and she licks and sucks on his ass while playing with his balls and cock. Watching the cameraman twitch and shiver as she obviously knows just what this man likes!

Bent over the edge of the tub, our cameraman bangs Yuriko from behind with her tits bouncing and flopping in the breeze. Turning around and sitting on the edge, they now fuck missionary before Yuriko shows us her riding skills and hops up on that stallion and rocks it to another orgasm. The cameraman puts the final touch on things as he unloads all over Yuriko’s stomach.