Purrs For The Camera

Purrs For The Camera

Using avx69.com’s spycam, we have found a cutie named Mami. Going about her daily routine, she has a snack and checks her phone. With some time to herself, Mami decides a little “me time” is just what we want. This Asian blossom works her magic by “scratching” her cat with her claws; seems like this kitty enjoys a bit of pain to make her “meow.” Up on her knees, Mami goes “jami” into her hole then undresses to pull out the “fun bags.” As our minx plays “hide the digits,” her other hand has a bit of a twist on her nipples.

Spreading wide, Mimi begins to purr as she lets her “fingers do the walking;” her lips swell between her hand. Squirming in pleasure, she goes “tap, tap, tap” and “squish, squish, squish.” Looking at her reddened cheeks, I think this kitty’s about to yowl; Mami tenses up, twitches and then lies still for a cat nap. All played out for now, we’ll have to keep an eye on this alley-cat, I’m sure it won’t be long before she licks her “paws” and “claws” again.