Sex Party Rina Koda

Sex Party Rina Koda

There’s a “Pardy In Da House” boys! Today we’re joined by the lovely Rina Koda hosting our “sex party”. After talking with her we take her to our adult stockroom where our men are working on filling orders and stocking the shelves with other beauties.

Rina is a bit bashful and shy as she sees all of our DVD’s on display. We ask if she wouldn’t mind giving us a little “peep show.” A little hesitant being in an office full of men, she strips down and starts walking around the office and up to the boys working at their desks or on the phone. Talk about breaking concentrations! lol

Now she gets to “test drive” one of our vibrating dildos while sitting back in one of the office chairs. Notice the men in the background? Notice Rina’s “perkiness?” The men try to remain professional and do their work keeping their fingers on the keyboard! I did say “try” :)

With a sexy young lady like Rina with her moaning and squeaking as she continues to climax, all I want to know is… where do I apply to work for this office?





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