Sex Therapy Mao Misaki

Sex Therapy Mao Misaki

Mao Misaki gets a little “hands on” treatment from a friend. Felling the stress in her shoulders, the buddy starts to massage other parts of her sexy help with the tension. has Mao up for anything in order to feel better; looks like his hands and “magic wand” will be used today to “assess” her needs. Down to her black panties and bra, Mao is quickly undressed in order to reach every muscle; licking her nipples soon has this girl wanting a lower “rub.” Sliding her hands down to her spread legs allows both of them to start to “feel” more. Once he slips his digits inside, Mao’s moans and whimpers intensify; he has found the right spot.

Going oral on her, Mao’s friend soon has her juicy and rocking her hips in order to meet his mouth. She then stands and grinds on his face; Mao falls back onto the couch and arches her back. She reciprocates with her mouth on his dick before they fuck; zooming in on Mao’s body really highlights the beauty of this Asian flower. Her pal then takes the massage, internally. In a missionary position with her boobs jiggling to his beat, Mao squirms and gasps; together, they relieve all tension. Grinding and riding his cock, she is very adept at working his wand. With a few other positions, Mao then ends up again on her back. She takes in every inch of her friend until he pulls out and busts on her bust; the strings of thick cum adhere nicely to her smooth skin. After an intense massage like this, both need to wait a bit before they go again.