Erotic Wife Himeno

Erotic Wife Himeno

This lovely Asian beauty is a perfect petite cutie that needs to be pleased. We walk with her along the streets, have some dinner and then go to a nearby hotel for “dessert.” Coyly, Himeno is shy at first, but then puts on the other model’s glasses and comes closer. Playfully looking at herself in the mirror, she brushes the arm of the male model in acceptance of him; these two are in for a sensual tryst. Disrobing, Himeno slides in for a hot bubble bath; the male model follows and the two share some intimate moments of touch. Slithering up against one another, Himeno then seductively swallows his cock and sucks. Wanting more than a simple blow job, the two move to the bed.

In the sheets, they continue to caress and cuddle. Himeno licks and treasures every inch of her partner. Up on all fours, he also relishes her “treasure.” Riding back to meet his wet fingers, she is now moaning and ready to be entered. One final erotic lick of her vaginal lips has both of them very aroused. They start off with a missionary position, as her petite body rocks to his rhythm; her breasts ripple with pleasure. All at once, Himeno cries out as she climaxes; her body tenses then releases with delight. Together they move as one until both orgasm. She shutters and her areolas swell fully, he ejaculates all over her cherry blossom colored skin. Both quiver as they kiss and lie on the bed, exhausted.





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