Sexual Arts Academy

Sexual Arts Academy

Starring: Miyuki Taniguchi, Yuzuru, Rie Yamaguchi, Shouko Nakatagawa
Studio: Asian Eyes
Category: Hardcore, Kimono, Japanese Traditional Bind
Release Date: 9/10/2007 (Discontinue)
Playing time: Apx. 1 Hr 48 Mins
The Martial Arts have played a significant role in the development of Japanese culture for thousands of s. Tradition is honored and respected; however as society changes, so must the rigid rules that govern the Martial Arts. Third World Media and Katana have discovered a little known place in a quiet corner of Japan, where tradition meets modern day hedonism. This hideaway is called The Sexual Arts Academy.

The Academy’s spokeshole is a young lady named Shouko. She swings around on the academy’s outdoor jungle gym as she introduces Aikido instructor- Rie Yamaguchi. In Shouko’s words, there is no one stronger than this big tit Sensei. Her luscious tits, ass and thighs must blind her students as she turns today’s lesson into a private ass-kicking session on her slightly older male student. He accepts defeat and confesses his dying love for his super hot Sensei. She is flattered and returns the compliment by stripping down and sucking his cock and balls on the Academy’s outdoor practice field. He crams a couple of fingers in her hairy and soppy hole, and in payback for the ass kicking he was made to endure, makes her squirt all over the outdoor dojo. He mounts her up bareback and teaches this teacher a thing or two throughout a very long and very hard fuck. He thanks his Sensei for her time with a huge gooey load all over her large knockers.

Kendo student, Miyuki (DVD Cover Girl), is practicing with her Sensei on the Academy’s expansive outdoor grasslands. He is very strict with her and insists that she follow his every command if she desires to succeed in Kendo. “Kendo is all about how you treat the stick,” he exclaims. She understands what he means and quickly gets busy treating his stick to a juicy lick. She sucks and strokes him with intense precision and absolute dedication toward her goal. She knows that the odd sexual tasks her teacher makes her do will ultimately strengthen her even more. A big vibrator is utilized for lower body strengthening. Her ass pointing high in the air during doggie style sex is an excellent way to tighten up the mid-section. She is a dedicated student and follows his orders all the way to the end, as he cums on her chest and teaches her the invaluable lesson of licking and caring for his tired Kendo stick.

Shouko, the spokeshole, is back to introduce a newer student attending the academy- Yuzuru. Yuzuru is studying Judo but apparently enjoys the sexual side of her training a tad bit more than the martial arts side. Her Sensei is a very strict individual and her stone-faced Sensei orders her to remove her undies and continue to practice. She is not a very dedicated student and he realizes he must change the course of their lesson time by pinning her down and eating her young sweet pussy. She cannot escape his maneuver and pays the price with Sensei’s fingers multiple loads of squirt out of her. He further disciplines her with a hard fuck and a fat load on her mid-section. She finishes her lesson with a proud- “Arigato” for her favorite Sensei.

Shouko has finally had enough introducing of the other girls and now concedes that she is the strongest fighter at the Academy. She chooses the strongest candidate at the Academy to go a round with; Banzai Boy- the Green Superhero. She is a short 20 old with thick legs and an ultra sensitive set of titties. Banzai Boy uses scissors to cut off her clothes exposing her soft skin, big tits and a very puffy pussy with fuzzy hair all around it. He fingers her young hole and she squirts everywhere. She commandeers the scissors and cuts his crotch area open, nearly circumcising this super hero for the second time in his life. She makes nice to his cock with a no-hands deep throat BJ. This super hero refuses to lose to a girl, and he fucks her hard before cumming all over her face, and then running away; leaving Shouko butt naked in hot pursuit across the