Five Characters – Nao Hirosue

Five Characters – Nao Hirosue
Starring: Nao Hirosue,
Studio: Matsuri Ent.
Category: Uncensored Student Uniform Maid Costume Play Gal Famous Names Bukkake/Group Sex…
Release Date: 6/16/2004
Playing time: Apx. 130 mins
Total Size: 879.86 MB
Item#: MTD001
Description : Someone who likes Cosplay! You gotta watch it!! Nao Hirosue who is pretty popular model will ware Anime’s costume. Maybe it’s good for Otaku~! A cute Anime girl will suck the head of dick slowly and vacuum your ball kindly.
The guy will shoot on her hair at first cum. And of course on her face at second cum!
She will get 4 shoots on her head totally at first chapter. But you will see more jessom on her body at later chapter. She looks so satisfied and happy
Screenshot :