Tokyo Style #1 – Ran Asakawa

Starring: Ran Asakawa,
Studio: JoyDel
Series: Tokyo Style
Category: Uncensored Famous Names Pretty Face Nice Tits Nice Ass Oral Cum Night Crawling Handcuffs Super Celeb Model fetter Buruma…
Release Date: 7/8/2004
Playing time: Apx. 90 mins
Total Size: 693.43 MB
Item#: JDA007
Description : The most beautiful actress Ran Asakawa’s new title just released!! If you don’t buy now, you would regret!! Big eyes strait nose sexy lip slender body and beautiful breast. She is the Mrs. Perfect!! Besides her voice is SO cute!
The guy will suddenly fuck her right before the shooting day when she just sleeping. She’ll try to against the guy but once the guy touched her pussy, she’ll start to moaning~! She is wearing a white tank top with cute panty. It’s so sexy!
After the shower scene, she will start masturbate and have orgy with 2 guys. There are blinder and cuff on her. She is moving her ass by herself and feeling her G spot!
I’m so satisfied this title!!

Screenshot :

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